About the Hiker

In September 2023, Tawney will be hiking Quandary Peak in Colorado to raise money for her unique nonprofit, 

One PET at a Time Mobile Therapy Pet Ministry. 

Tawney’s dream is to have the amazing benefits of Animal-assisted Interventions accessible to all. Incorporating her registered therapy dog, cat, and alpaca, Tawney blended her compassion for people and her passion for animals to bring trained, vetted, and insured therapy animals to Indianapolis and surrounding communities. After completing several animal handling courses, workshops, and evaluations, the certification of Animal-assisted Intervention Specialist is in her near future. 

By purchasing a dedicated van, and taking her therapy pets on the road, Tawney and her animals can help inspire, motivate, and heal those who need it most, One PET at a Time. 

With the love of the Rocky Mountains and always up for a challenge, Tawney has been training to hike her first Colorado Fourteener and would love for YOU to be a part of it. 

Proceeds from this fundraiser will be allocated toward purchasing a climate-controlled, retrofitted van to safely and comfortably transport the therapy animals during visits.

                                              The Mission

To purchase a pre-owned retrofitted van to safely and comfortably transport The Crew on therapy visits.


Therapy dog Willie visiting a bed-ridden resident

In order to fulfill our mission of making Animal-assisted Intervention accessible to all, we are needing a better form of transportation than a truck and livestock trailer. With a climate-controlled retrofitted van, all the therapy animals can participate in visits in one day and be able to safely and comfortably rest in the van between visits. 


Pledge per foot of elevation hiked

If 100 donors pledge .10/foot of elevation and I summit Quandary Peak, we can reach our goal of $34,500. If .10/foot is not financially feasible, maybe get together with some friends or co-workers and register as a team. :)

Ex.  .01/foot = $34.50      .05/foot = $172.50

        .02/foot = $69            .10/foot = $345

The Mountain

Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak is in Breckenridge, Colorado and is 14,265 at its summit.  We'll be starting on the East Slope trailhead and will be hiking an elevation gain of 3,450 ft. to the peak, then back to the trailhead for a total of 6.75 miles round trip. 

The Transport

Or something comparable

We are looking at a vehicle along the lines of Ford Transit 250 passenger van with most of the seats removed and a medium-high roof.

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